Cars float in floodwater in an open parking area in northern Athens, Thursday, 26 July 2018, after a sudden downpour caused flash floods. Photo: Panagiotis Michalopoylos / AP Photo

ATHENS, Greece, 26 July 2018 (Associated Press) – A flash flood has struck a northern Athens suburb following a squall, with the Greek capital’s fire department receiving 140 calls for assistance and to pump water from flooded homes and businesses.

Fire crews headed to an open-air parking lot in the suburb of Maroussi on Thursday to see if there were any people trapped in cars that were bobbing in a suddenly created muddy lake.

Authorities urged drivers to avoid the area and shut down a side road off the main highway leading north out of Athens.

The flash flood comes three days after a devastating wildfire northeast of Athens killed at least 82 people and injured more than 180.

Flash flood strikes northern Athens suburb after squall



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