A realtor's sign from a house in New Jersey was washed away by Hurricane Sandy and appeared on a beach in France, around 14 May 2018. Photo: Hannes Frank / The New York Times

By Andy Newman
31 May 2018

(The New York Times) – Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc on the Jersey Shore town of Brielle when it made landfall in October 2012.

Homes filled with water. Boats washed up on people’s lawns and on the Brielle Avenue bridge.

Also, a real estate sign went missing.

It had been planted in back of a house for sale on Cedarcrest Drive, facing a narrow inlet called Debbie’s Creek. The sign was 18 by 24 inches and about an inch thick and made of plastic composite. It disappeared along with the post it was mounted to and was never seen again.

Until around 14 May 2018.

On a beach in France, 3,595 miles away.

A man walking along the Plage du Pin Sec, near Bordeaux, spotted it. The faded sign was missing a chunk, but he could still read the legend “Diane Turton Realtors 732-292-1400.” [more]

Sign Washed Away in Hurricane Sandy Lands on Beach in France



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