'I will not follow.' The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, decries carbon emissions limitations as constrictive for developing countries like the Philippines, 18 July 2016. Photo: Pia Ranada / Rappler

By Pia Ranada
18 July 2016

MANILA, Philippines (Rappler) – President Rodrigo Duterte "will not honor" international agreements binding the Philippines to limit its carbon emissions.

"You are trying to stymie us with an agreement na ganito lang kayo (that you will stay this way) … That’s stupid. I will not honor that. Sabi niya (He said), you signed. That was not my signature," said the Philippine president during a meeting with Philippine Olympics athletes on Monday, July 18, in Malacañang Palace.

Duterte was referring to an instance in which he was asked by an ambassador if the Philippines would be able to limit its carbon emissions – carbon dioxide spewed by economic sectors like industrialization, transportation, agriculture, waste management, and more.

"Kaya galit ako. Ngayon, I have this ambassador. Gusto ko sipain. (That's why I'm mad. Now I have this ambassador. I want to kick him.) He was reminding me about these emissions, carbon footprints. Yes, we are a signatory there and 'will you able to contain your emissions?' Sabi ko (I said), 'No. I cannot tell,'" he said.

Duterte did not specify which international agreement signed by the Philippine government the ambassador was referring to.

But most likely, it was the Paris Agreement on Climate Change to which the Philippines pledged support during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) held in France last December. (READ: PH on Paris climate pact: Monumental feat for humanity) […]

"Sabi ko (I said), 'You do not do it that way Mr Ambassador. You who have reached your apex and along the way spewed a lot of contaminants and emissions and went ahead in destroying the climate, good for you. We are here, we have not reached the age of industrialization. We are going into it,'" said Duterte, narrating his conversation with the envoy.

The Philippine president called the limits on carbon emissions "kalokohan (nonsense)" and added, "I will not follow."

“That is not my signature. We will make a new one or we do not honor at all," he said. [more]

Duterte won't honor int'l pacts on carbon emissions



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