Imazon's SAD bulletin on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon for November 2018. In November 2018, 1,463 km² of deforestation were detected by SAD (deforestation alert system) in the Amazon rainforest. This number represents an increase of four times over the same month of the previous year. Graphic: Imazon

By Stefania Costa
2 January 2019

(Imazon) – Deforestation continues to increase, according to data from the Deforestation Bulletin (SAD) November 2018 published today by Imazon. The state of Pará contributed with 63% of deforestation alerts registered in November 2018. The areas that suffered the most destruction are mainly in the northeast of the state, in the region of Terra do Meio, and in the west with high concentration of alerts in the region da Calha Norte (an area that contains the largest block of protected forests in the world).

Deforestation also increased in Amazonas, with the second highest number of alerts (12%), followed by Rondônia (9%), Mato Grosso (7%), Roraima (5%) and Acre (4%).

Conservation units

The Bulletin also presents the ranking of the 10 Conservation Units with the highest number of deforestation alerts in November 2018, of which 6 are in Pará, such as the Triunfo Xingu Environmental Preservation Area and the Jamanxim National Forest. The Chico Mendes Reserve in the state of Acre recorded the second highest number of deforestation alerts in November 2018.

Indigenous Lands

The most heavily pressured by deforestation in November 2018 are in the state of Pará. Another point of attention is on the border of the Amazon with Roraima where indigenous lands are under deforestation pressure.

Accumulated deforestation

For the accumulated period from August to November 2018, deforestation doubled in relation to the same period of the previous year, reaching 1,463 km2 of lost forests. Deforestation detected in November 2018 was 4 times higher than in November 2017.

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Imazon divulga dados atualizados do desmatamento na Amazônia. Tendência de aumento é mantida em novembro de 2018.



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