Predicted track of Typhoon Kong-rey on 2 October 2018. Graphic: AccuWeather

By Eric Leister
2 October 2018

(AccuWeather) – On the heels of deadly Typhoon Trami, Japan will face another dangerous typhoon this week.

Super Typhoon Kong-rey is currently the equivalent of a Category 5 major hurricane in the Atlantic and east Pacific and will remain a dangerous tropical cyclone in the coming days.

A northwest track through Thursday will take this dangerous tropical cyclone toward the Ryukyu Islands, which are still reeling from damaging winds in excess of 160 km/h (100 mph) from Trami last weekend.

Where structures have been left weakened and the ground saturated by Trami, a blow by Kong-rey less than a week later would further heighten the risk of damage and flooding. Residents who evacuated or lost power during Trami may face the same struggles again with Kong-rey.

Miyako and Okinawa are expected to face the worst of Kong-rey's impacts which will include damaging winds and torrential rainfall. Wind gusts over 160 km/h (100 mph) will again be possible during the worst of the storm. […]

If Kong-rey makes landfall in mainland Japan, it will be the ninth tropical system and potentially the eighth typhoon to do so this year.

“The record for landfalling typhoons in a single season is 10 from 2004,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls. […]

Since Japan has been battered by numerous tropical systems, along with the historic flooding and deadly heat wave, Kong-rey can also further put a strain on the nation's disaster recovery budget. [more]

Japan, South Korea on alert for Super Typhoon Kong-rey



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