The Pamba River in India's Kerala state, which was in a spate during the days of flood in 2018, is now drying up, and its water level has decreased abnormally. This view of the river is from Vazhakkunnam, Cherukol. Photo: PTI

Thiruvananthapuram, 13 September 2018 (PTI) – With mercury levels rising and abnormal drying up of rivers and wells reported in flood-hit Kerala, the state government has decided to conduct scientific studies on the post-flood phenomenon in the state.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has directed the State Council for Science, Technology and Environment to carry out studies on the phenomenon after floods across the state and suggest possible solutions to the problems.

A series of issues including soaring mercury level, unprecedented dip in water level of rivers, sudden drying-up of wells, depletion of groundwater reserves and mass perishing of earthworms have caused widespread concern in various parts of Kerala after the devastating deluge last month.

The flood-battered Wayanand district, known for its rich biodiversity, recently witnessed the mass perishing of earthworms, causing concern among farmers who attributed it to the rapid drying up of earth and change in soil structure.

Many rivers including Periyar, Bharathapuzha, Pampa, and Kabani, which were in a spate during the days of flood, are now getting dried up and their water level has decreased abnormally.

Besides the drying up of wells, their caving in was also reported in many districts.

The flood had altered the topography of the land in many places and kilometres-long cracks had been developed especially in high range areas of Idukki and Wayanad which had witnessed a large number of landslides.

After floods, drought condition was also predicted by experts in many districts of the southern state.

"The Centre for Water Resources Management has been assigned the task of studying fall in water levels, changes in groundwater and land cracks," Pinarayi, who is under treatment in US, said in a Facebook post. [more]

Govt orders study on drying up of rivers, wells in post-flood Kerala

Volunteers and rescue personnel evacuate local residents in an Indian Navy boat from a residential area in Aluva, Kerala, on 17 August 2018. Photo: RK Sreejith / AFP / Times of India

NEW DELHI, 13 September 2018 (Press Trust of India) – The Kerala government Thursday sought Rs 4,700 crore as compensation from the central government for the damage caused by the recent floods, termed as the worst in a century, officials said.

At least 488 people have died in Kerala due to the rains and floods this monsoon, which hit 14 districts of the state.

The Kerala government has sent a memorandum to the home ministry giving details about the loss of human life, properties, infrastructure and crops and sought about Rs 4,700 crore [Rs 47 billion, $655 million] as compensation, a senior government official said.

In case of any natural calamity beyond the coping capacity of a state, the state government submits a detailed memorandum indicating sector-wise details of damage and requirement of funds for relief operations of immediate nature.

Accordingly, the Kerala government sent the memorandum, the official said. […]

On August 21, the central government had released Rs 600 crore to flood-hit Kerala as promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Rs 500 crore) and home minister Rajnath Singh (Rs 100 crore) during their visits to the state.

This was in addition to Rs 562.45 crore already made available in State Disaster Relief Fund of the state. [more]

Kerala seeks Rs 4,700 crore from Centre as compensation for flood damage



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