Aerial view of Idukki dam in Kerala, India. Photo: Manorama

Idukki, 8 August 2018 (Manorama) – The prospect of Idukki dam shutters at Cheruthoni being opened seemed imminent on Wednesday with the catchment area receiving over 128 mm rain in the intervening night [cf. Monsoon rains fill India reservoir to capacity – Kerala’s Idukki Dam floodgates may be opened after 26 years, forcing large-scale evacuation downriver. – Des].

The water level at 11 pm Wednesday was 2397.50 feet, up from 2397.46 feet at 9 pm. The water level has been rising at a rate of 0.06 feet per hour. The KSEB has predicted that it will cross 2,398 feet by Thursday at this rate.

The shutters of the Cheruthoni dam will be lifted for a trial run and there will be a limited release of water when the level hits 2,398 feet.

According to sources, heavy rain continued in Idukki district and the water level is likely to rise further.

Kerala power minister MM Mani had last week stated that the shutters of the Cheruthoni dam would be opened if the water level touched 2,398 feet. If the rain continues to lash the district during the day, the water level may cross 2,397 feet. “The trial run will be held irrespective of the rain's intensity,” Mani had told reporters after an assessment meeting at the Idukki collectorate last week.

The district administration had made all arrangements to meet any eventuality. The “orange alert” was sounded after the water level touched 2,395 feet last week, prior to the “red alert” to be issued at 2,399 feet. The full reservoir level of the dam is 2,403 feet. The authorities said people would be alerted when the water level touched 2,397 feet. [more]

Idukki water level touches 2397.50 ft, heavy rain continues



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