By Albi Deak
6 July 2018

Hvalur 9 returns to whaling station with two more endangered fin whales, 9 hours ago. Hvalur 8 arrives at whaling station with two more endangered fin whales, 3 hours ago.

Today marks 14 fin whales poached in #Iceland's illegal commercial hunt 2018.

Two fin whales beached today near the river at Oyrini between Hvalvik and Streymnes in #FaroeIslands. Coincidence, or is it related to Iceland's illegal whaling?

Perhaps they are young fin whales, their mothers were murdered by Kristjàn Loftsson in recent days of whaling.

Young fin whales need their mothers, need her protection, depend her milk, and need her training for to live. Young fin whales cannot survive alone in the ocean.

It is still unclear whether these fin whales survived or not.

And it takes 30 years for a new fin whale generation.

#Norway, #Japan, and maybe #Iceland are mainly killing female whales in illegal whaling; many killed mother whales had a baby.

The result: whale baby starving through commercial whaling.

A whale baby can't survive without her mother. Nobody notices their starvation deaths In the wide open ocean.

Iceland is one of only three nations – including Norway and Japan – that have chosen to ignore the international moratorium on hunting whales, established in 1986.

Hvalur hf's aging whaling ships use exploding harpoon guns that cause immense pain and suffering to the endangered fin whales before they die.

There is no local market for endangered fin whale meat, so it is exported to Japan.

Whale watching in Iceland is a responsible and highly profitable alternative to the whaling industry, and is growing in popularity as people visit Iceland to see these majestic marine mammals swimming free in the oceans where they belong.

Screenshot from a video showing Iceland poachers butchering an endangered fin whale, 6 July 2018. Photo: Albi Deak / YouTube

Please email or write polite letters voicing your support for Iceland's whale watching industry and the establishment of a national whale sanctuary in Iceland's territorial waters:

Katrín Jakobsdóttir
Prime Minister of Iceland
The Prime Minister's Office Stjornarradshusid vid Laekjartorg 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources
Skuggasund 1 101, Reykjavik, Iceland

Ferðamálastofa Icelandic Tourism Board
Geirsgata 9 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Livestream video by #SeaShepherd UK:

The second endangered Fin Whale killed by Hvalur 8 is now being loaded into the station in Iceland bringing the total to 22 this season. In this video the employees can be seen jumping and climbing onto the dead Fin Whale for pictures.

Iceland – Already 14 endangered Fin Whale Killed



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