Los Fresnos was among the areas in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas inundated by several days of heavy rain on 18-21 June 2018. Photo: NWS / Brownsville-Rio Grande Valley

By Bob Henson
9 July 2018

(Weather Underground) – For the third time in four years, the contiguous U.S. saw one of its warmest Junes in more than a century of recordkeeping, as reported by NOAA on Monday. June 2018 came in at third place among all Junes going back to 1895, behind the warmest (2016) and second warmest (2015). June came on the heels of the nation’s warmest May on record, which pushed the May-June period to a record high of its own.

Like butter on hot toast, the warmth in June oozed across most of the 48 states, with the Northeast as the main exception.  It was a top-ten warmest June for Texas as well as the Four Corners states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. There were plenty of hot days, but unusually warm nights were the true hallmark of last month. A dozen locations from Arizona to Michigan set or tied all-time records for their warmest low temperature on any date (and more such records were set in the first week of July). Last month’s average daily low was the warmest on record for any June in Iowa, Texas, and New Mexico. [more]

Third Hottest June in U.S. Records



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