Screenshot of EPA chief Scott Pruitt testifying with the House Energy and Commerce Committee on 26 April 2018. Photo: CNN

By Ashley Killough and Deirdre Walsh
26 April 2018

(CNN) – Scott Pruitt's controversial spending and travel decisions were the subject of a blistering congressional hearing Thursday, where the embattled administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency faced House members amid weeks of scandal. [Of course, his denial of climate and environmental science is not a topic of concern. –Des]

Pruitt first testified with the House Energy and Commerce Committee and then later Thursday he will testify before the House Appropriations Committee.

While he was scheduled to talk about the budget of his agency, he's being sharply questioned from Democrats -- as well as from some Republicans -- over a long list of decisions that have landed him in the headlines. He's faced a barrage of criticism for allegedly spending extravagantly on security, building a sound proof booth in his office, approving raises for staffers and renting a condo from a lobbyist who had business before his agency.

"There are so many outstanding questions that we need truthful answers to today, because so far, we've only gotten half-truths, misleading answers, or outright falsehoods," said Rep. Frank Pallone, the top Democrat on the committee, in his opening statement.

    "You are unfit to hold public office and undeserving of the public trust," he concluded.

    The committee's top Republican, Chairman Greg Walden, also raised concerns that Pruitt's policies are "being undercut" by ethics controversies. "These issues are too persistent to ignore, and I know many members are looking for more clarity from you today," he said.

    Key audiences at the White House and the EPA are watching Thursday's pair of hearings.

    "Things are definitely grinding to a halt today," an EPA official told CNN. "I don't know of a single person planning not to stream this in their office."

    Many EPA officials -- including conservative political appointees -- are hoping the EPA administrator goes up in flames, two EPA officials told CNN. Many EPA officials who believe the EPA administrator should be pushed out of his Cabinet-level position because of his behavior at the agency's helm are hoping that an abysmal televised performance will sink Pruitt in President Donald Trump's mind. [more]

    Lawmakers grilling EPA chief Scott Pruitt: 'You are unfit to hold public office'


    1. opit said...

      As per usual, your emphasis revolves around the refusal to accept fantasies about what future weather might be as 'solid science.' Culturally acceptable substitutes for crystal balls or reading chicken entrails unfortunately do not demonstrate superior reliability.  

    2. Dennis Mitchell said...

      Any cabinet post should fly first class. That is trivial. What he has done to the EPA is a hanging offense. He is nothing more than a political terrorist.  


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