Aerial view of a huge cloud formation moving over the center of London, partly obscuring its skyline, on 27 February 2018. The cold air, which originated over Siberia but moved west due to unusually warm weather over the North Pole, earned the nickname 'The Beast from the East' in Britain. Familiar buildings like The Shard, western Europe's tallest skyscraper, and other landmarks in London's main business area can be identified in the image. Photo: National Police Air Service

By Elisabeth O'Leary and Padraic Halpin
1 March 2018

(Reuters) – Snow storms from Siberia blasted Britain and Ireland on Thursday with the worst weather since 1991, trapping several hundred motorists on roads in Scotland, closing thousands of schools, grounding planes and halting trains.

With up to 90 cm of snow and temperatures as low as minus 10.3 Celsius in Scotland, Britain and Ireland issued their most severe red warnings which advise people to stay at home as travel is too dangerous.

Dozens of people were trapped in their cars on the M80 motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, with several hundred having been stranded on the road overnight. Flights and trains were canceled across both Britain and Ireland - with similar transport problems in continental Europe.

More freezing snowy weather was forecast as Storm Emma approaches from Portugal and France, with warnings of treacherous weather across southern England and Ireland.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said people should remain indoors from 1600 GMT on Thursday until the storm, with winds forecast to reach 100 kph (60 mph), has passed.

"The risk to life and limb presented by the severe weather conditions should not be underestimated by anyone," he said following a meeting of the National Emergency Coordination Group. "It is not safe to be outside in such conditions." […]

Britain's Met Office warned that freezing rain was likely across southern England as Storm Emma pushes northwards from Portugal and France, adding that it looked set to be the coldest spell in Britain since 1991. [more]

Siberian blizzards blast Britain and Ireland as Storm Emma approaches



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