Roberto David Castillo, executive president of energy company DESA, was arrested in Honduras on suspicion of masterminding the murder of renowned environmental activist Berta Cáceres, 3 March 2018. Photo: AFP Photo / ATIC

3 March 2018 (BBC News) – Police in Honduras have arrested an energy company executive on suspicion of masterminding the murder of a renowned environmental activist.

Berta Cáceres was shot dead inside her home exactly two years ago, on the night of 2 March 2016.

She had led protests against a dam project.

The arrested man, Roberto David Castillo, is executive president of DESA, the firm that was building the dam. DESA has insisted he is innocent.

The company blamed "international pressure and smear campaigns of various NGOs [non-governmental organisations]" for the development.

Mr Castillo is reportedly a former military intelligence officer.

Eight other people have already been tried over the killing, including members of the armed forces and other DESA staff.

Ms Cáceres' family have long maintained she was murdered for economic reasons.

They say she suffered months of threats from police, politicians, and construction companies.

In November 2017, a 92-page report by international experts concluded that energy company executives and state agents had conspired to kill the activist. [more]

Berta Caceres: Honduras executive held over dam activist's murder



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