The cover of The Daily Telegraph for 10 November 2017 reads 'Island of the Damned'. This issue shows the first photographs inside the Manus Island detention center in Papua New Guinea. Photo: The Daily Telegraph

10 November 2017 (Reuters) – Australia needs to stop rejecting refugees and change its migration laws to come into line with international standards, the UN Human Rights Committee said in a report released overnight.

The committee, which comprises 18 independent experts and monitors countries’ compliance with a global human rights treaty, says Australia should come back in one year to explain what action it has taken to meet its concerns.

Australia has been widely criticised by the United Nations and rights groups for detaining asylum seekers who try to reach its shores by boat, even if they are found to be refugees, and keeping them on offshore processing centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

The offshore detention policies are backed by the coalition government and the Labor opposition.

The United Nations has warned of a “looming humanitarian crisis” in the Manus Island centre in Papua New Guinea. [more]

UN Human Rights Commission slams Australia on refugees policy amid Manus Island saga

9 November 2017 (BBC News) – Activists have scaled the Sydney Opera House to protest against Australia's treatment of asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Australia held asylum seekers on PNG's Manus Island until last week when it closed a detention centre.

However about 600 of those men are refusing to leave, citing fears for their safety in the local community.
Five people were arrested in Sydney on Thursday after trying to unfurl signs calling for the men to be evacuated.

Police prevented the protesters from displaying a large banner. Smaller placards read "evacuate Manus" and "Australia: world leaders in cruelty #BringThemHere". […]

"This brutal policy [of offshore detention] has reduced us as a nation and a community," one activist who climbed the Sydney Opera House, Marco Avena, said in a statement.

"We act today in the interest of our own humanity not just the humanity of those left on Manus Island." [more]

Sydney Opera House scaled in Manus refugee protest

Outside the East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre and West Lorengau Haus in Papua New Guinea, 8 November 2017. PNG's Chief Justice found the alternative accommodation was "of good standard". Photo: PNG Federal Government

By Liam Fox
9 November 2017

PAPUA NEW GUINEA (ABC News) – The men refusing to leave the Manus Island detention centre have been warned they have two days to leave the site or force may be used to relocate them.

A notice put up by Papua New Guinea immigration authorities instructs the men to leave the centre immediately because of unhygienic conditions.

The notice says the men have been given two days to move and warns "force may be used to relocate those who refuse to move voluntarily".

"You cannot continue to remain here in this condition," the notice says.

"It is very bad for your health and wellbeing if you continue to refuse to move to you new accommodation where there is food, water and other services."

The notice also says anyone found in the immediate area outside the detention centre could be arrested for trespassing on a PNG Defence Force property.

Workers have begun dismantling the high security fences around the centre and PNG Immigration authorities warned the safety of the men inside "is not guaranteed". [more]

Manus Island: Asylum seekers told to relocate from PNG detention centre or 'force may be used'



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