Kathleen Hartnett White arrives at Trump Tower, 28 November 2016 in New York City. Photo: CNN

By Avery Anapol
19 October 2017

(The Hill) – President Trump’s pick for a top environmental post once referred to belief in global warming as ”paganism” for “secular elites.”

Kathleen Hartnett White, whom Trump nominated last week to head the White House Council on Environmental Quality, made the comment during a 2016 appearance on the online conservative talk show “The Right Perspective,” CNN reported Thursday.

Hartnett White referred to environmental leaders using climate policy “to undermine the system of economic growth and industrialization.”

"There's a real dark side of the kind of paganism — the secular elites' religion now being, evidently, global warming," Hartnett White said on the show. […]

The Trump nominee has a history of criticizing climate change policy and has refuted evidence that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, saying it “makes life possible on the earth and naturally fertilizes plant growth."

“Global warming alarmists are misleading the public about carbon dioxide emissions,” she said.

Hartnett White also slammed President Obama’s environmental initiatives, calling them a “deluded and illegitimate battle against climate change” in an op-ed for The Hill last year. [more]

Trump’s pick for environmental job once called belief in global warming 'paganism'


  1. Anonymous said...

    And why should we be surprised in the slighest? Trump has to pick stupid people to match his own stupidity. He despises intelligence and anyone in the room who is smarter then he is (which is pretty easy to do). His picks for important positions all revolve around his hatred for the environment, for people, for Obama, for anything that doesn't stink like money. The man is an asshole, and he picks other assholes to run the country.

    After four years of this monster, the entire country is going to smell like ass and look like a waste dump.  


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