One of several polar bears spotted around Ryrkaipyi village in Siberia, 19 October 2017. Photo: Tatyana Minenko / The Siberian Times

19 October 2017 (The Siberian Times) – Around 20 beasts have surrounded  Ryrkaypiy, with one bear cub trying to get into a house through the window.

The polar bears were attracted by 5,000 walruses that appeared this year at a special protection zone in Chukotka.

Many of the frightened flippered marine mammals fell off cliffs at Kozhevnikova Cape as they sought to flee the invaders.

Several hundred fell to their deaths, and the polar bears then ate the carcasses.

Head of WWF project Polar Bear Patrol, Viktor Nikiforov, said: “This autumn the situation is alarming. Many crashed, falling from a height. Their rookery had attracted polar bears. The walruses were obviously frightened by the predators, panicked and fell from the top to their deaths.

“Up to 5,000 walruses were on the rookery, but there were a lot of dead animals - several hundred …Now the walruses have migrated away but the village remains surrounded.

Up to 5,000 walruses hauled out on Cape Kozhevnikov, Siberia, 19 October 2017. Photo: Maxim Deminov / WWF

“Now the walruses are gone, but about 20 polar bears remain practically next to the village,” he said.

“There is enough food for them (from the many fallen walruses), but several young bears approach to the houses out of curiosity.” [more]

Village besieged by polar bears as hundreds of terrorised walruses fall 38 metres to their deaths


  1. Anonymous said...

    There is going to be long, long litany of environmental disasters to come, affecting billions of animal lives. As tragic as this is, this isn't the beginning or the worst that will be seen. Billions of animal lives are going to be lost in the coming years. Top predators will migrate wherever there is a food source and there, they will flourish. Then they will turn to us, the next available food source and human / animal conflict will rage mercilessly, killing off many more. This is the price of climate change and human inaction. We haven't really seen "anything yet", I expect this to get much, much worse. ~Survival Acres~  

  2. Alexander Ac said...

    Nice to see you here, SA! Take care.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    I'm still here. Just not blogging anymore. My town is being attacked now by a silicon smelter proposed project (the largest in the nation), so we'll have to fight like hell to convince them otherwise.

    Industrial activities will destroy the planet. reports a new study that toxic exposure kills over 9 million per year -

    Species extinctions will rapidly increase under our toxic Cheetos President, who continues to appoint industrialized idiots to important posts, with the specific goal to destroy more critical habitat (like ANWR). It's time to fight. ~Survival Acres~  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Here is a very recent article on the plans for the destruction of ANWR -

    ~Survival Acres~  


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