Huge waves whipped up by Storm Ophelia batter the coast at Porthleven in Cornwall, 17 October 2017. Photo: APEX

By Danny Boyle and Chris Graham
17 October 2017

(The Telegraph) – Three people are dead and hundreds of thousands still without power following Storm Ophelia; the worst storm in recorded history on the island of Ireland.

The storm force winds cleared Ireland's coast by midnight, but people were warned to remain cautious in the aftermath of the extreme weather. A second day of disruption was expected in Scotland and North East England due to fallen trees blocking rail lines.

Fallen trees blocking roads and downed power lines are some of the likely hazards on Tuesday as the country begins to return to normal following a day when the island of Ireland went into lockdown.

Violent winds of more than 96mph (156kph) in places caused widespread damage to electricity networks, uprooting trees and damaging properties.

Two men and a woman were killed in separate incidents in the Republic of Ireland. […]

The storm has caused major disruption to power supplies and 330,000 homes and businesses were still without power on Monday night. […]

Met Eireann described the storm as the most powerful to have been this far east in the Atlantic. [more]

Ophelia: Ireland recovers from worst storm on record that killed three


  1. Anonymous said...

    There are a lot of conspiracies about geoengineering. Lately I've seen a TON of crisscross patterns from jet trails over my city, that spread out and create a solid "cover." Is there any validity the theory that this is done to block the sun?  

  2. Jim said...

    Thanks for stopping by! Probably what you're seeing is the continuous growth in air traffic, as airlines try to meet ever-growing passenger demand. Air-travel demand has been growing at a greater than 5% annual rate for quite a few years (Global Air Travel Demand In 2015 Hit Highest Growth Rate Since 2010 and Passenger Demand Maintains Historic Growth Rates in 2013), so many routes are getting increased service, which means more planes flying the same path. Because of wind, condensation trails form grid patterns, as planes trace the same route periodically, and each trail is displaced by a more-or-less constant distance when the next plane flies by.
    Here's a nice explanation with photos: Contrail Grids are not Chemtrail Grids.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    The growth in air traffic is not a good thing. We should be flying less not more.  


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