Letter from an 11-year-old Austrian girl, named Paula, to Trump, explaining that global warming is real. The letter was posted on Facebook by Austria President Alexander Van der Bellen. Graphic: Alexander Van der Bellen

By Casey Suglia
23 September 2017

(Romper) – The Earth is warming up and the weather is changing. Say what you will, but this year has shown that global warming and climate change can't be stopped if world leaders and citizens keep ignoring it. It's frustrating to know that people — especially those with power to make actual change — refuse to believe science when so many people are asking them to listen, and that includes kids. Although President Donald Trump won't listen to it, this girl's letter to Trump telling him climate change is real could have the power to make him and other people want to listen.

The letter, written by an 11-year-old Austrian girl, was reportedly handed to Trump during the United Nations General Assembly last week — yes the same United Nations General Assembly where Trump taunted North Korea and called Kim Jung Un "rocket man." Instead of speaking to the world in a way that, according to CNN, "no American President" has ever done, maybe Trump could have paid attention to the letter gifted to him by Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, according to NDTV.

In a Facebook post, Van der Bellen shared the letter penned by the 11-year-old named Paula from Vienna that was directed towards Trump, informing him about climate change. In the letter, Paula wrote:

My name is Paula, I am 11 years old, and I live in Austria. I am writing this letter to you because I have something important to say. I would be glad if you could take a moment of time. Mr. President, climate change is real. People can see it all over the world. When our climate changes, we are all affected. You and me. People in the United States, in Austria, in China, Norway, in big cities and on small islands. You and other world leaders — please work together to find solutions to climate change. Now is the time to save our future. We only have one planet earth. Thank you for reading my letter, Mr. President. [more]

This Girl's Letter To Trump Telling Him Climate Change Is Real Is So Poignant



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