A picture taken on 1 June 2017, shows the City Hall of Paris illuminated in green following the announcement by US President Donald Trump that the United States will withdraw from the 2015 Paris accord and try to negotiate a new global deal on climate change. Source: Photo: Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt / Getty Images

31 August 2017 (Moyers and Company) – Donald Trump and his administration are rolling back a number of regulations and initiatives — as well as cutting offices, budgets and staff — and we’re following it in our “While He Was Tweeting” series. As coverage of Trump’s Twitter feed crowds out these stories, here’s a look at some of what the Trump administration has been up to so far. Our team has not been able to cover everything, but we’re doing our best, and we appreciate your input. Be sure to let us know what you think on the BillMoyers.com Facebook page.

Dismantling post-Great Recession Financial Crisis Protections

The Trump administration is looking to dismantle many of the protections put into place after the 2008 financial crisis, including the Dodd-Frank reforms and the Elizabeth Warren-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement

In June, Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. In doing so, the US joined Syria and Nicaragua as the only two countries not participating in the agreement.

Slashing Jobs at the Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), headed by fossil fuel ally Scott Pruitt, plans to cut over 1,200 jobs by September. And in a blow to the integrity of the science used by government agencies, the EPA dismissed nearly all of the members of its Board of Scientific Counselors.

The administration also closed the Office of International Climate and Technology, which worked on clean energy projects with other countries.

Delaying Protection from Pollutants

The EPA proposed delaying for two years an Obama-era rule that would have cracked down on pollutants from drilling operations that contribute to climate change and endanger people’s health. [more]

What Trump and His Team Have Wrecked So Far



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