Aerial view of a group of people carrying supplies through Hurricane Harvey floodwaters in Port Arthur, Texas. Photo: Adrees Latif / REUTERS

By Colin Kalmbacher
31 August 2017

(LawNewz) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signaled his state’s intent to accept a controversial offer of aid from neighboring Mexico in order to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

That aid will include food, automobiles, and boats and could also include assistance from the Mexican armed forces.

Speaking at a press conference in Austin, the state’s capitol, Abbott responded to questions about taking advantage of the aid package in the affirmative. He said:

“Yes. I have, and we are. We had a list of aid and assistance that they have offered to provide that we are accepting.”

Mexico’s Consul General in Austin, Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, said he was glad the Lone Star State took up the neighboring republic on their offer, “We are very pleased with Governor Abbott’s response. Mexico looks forward to doing its share.”

Mexican Undersecretary for North American Relations, Carlos Sada, said: “Texas and Mexico share more than half the border. There are families, marriages, businesses that bind our two sides. This is about being good neighbors…”

The offer comes at a time when next-door neighbor relations between the two North American countries are tenuous and frayed due to a wellspring of nativism directly emanating from the White House and its allies. […]

Trump himself has yet to acknowledge Mexico’s aid package. Meanwhile, the U.S. president conspicuously accepted and thanked far-away Singapore for their help in dealing with Harvey’s unchecked devastation. [more]

Texas Just Accepted Mexico’s Offer To Help Harvey Victims



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