This photo provided by Michael Sechler shows a stranded manatee in Manatee County, Florida, Sunday, 10 September 2017. The mammal was stranded after waters receded from the Florida bay as Hurricane Irma approached. Photo: Michael Sechler / The Associated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida, 10 September 2017 (Associated Press) – Two manatees were stranded after Hurricane Irma sucked the water out of Sarasota Bay, in Florida's Manatee County.

Several people posted photos of the mammals on Facebook Sunday, hoping rescue workers or wildlife officials would respond. Michael Sechler posted that the animals were far too massive to be lifted, so they gave them water.

Marcelo Clavijo posted that a group of people eventually loaded the manatees onto tarps and dragged them to deeper water.

People save manatees marooned in drained bay



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