Snow blankets trees in Yakutia, Siberia, 31 August 2017. Photo: The Siberian Times

31 August 2017 (The Siberian Times) – Yakutia is in a white blanket as temperatures dip to minus 6C as winter “comes too soon”.

This region is the coldest in the world, yet locals also enjoy warm and even hot summers, but this year the season ended abruptly in several districts.

Snowfalls hit the towns of Neryungri and Aldan in stark contrast to a summer high of 37C in Yakutia, also known as the Sakha Republic.

The snowfall was especially strong in Udachny village, in Mirny district.

Local weather bureau specialists explained the unseasonal August snow by a strong cyclone coming from the Arctic.

“This is a weather abnormality, but we do get such interventions from the Arctic from time to time,” a bureau spokesman said. [more]

Hot summer ends with cold blast and 'abnormal' August snow



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