Emma Kelty, 43, of London, was murdered in September 2017 during an attempt to paddle the entire Amazon by kayak. Photo: Emma Kelty

By Christophe Simon
19 September 2017

(AFP) – Brazilian police said Tuesday that a British woman missing during an attempt to paddle the entire Amazon by kayak has been murdered and that three people are in custody

The Amazonas state police force said a 17-year-old suspect has confessed to being part of a gang that shot Emma Kelty, 43, stole her electronic gear and cash, then dumped her body in a river.

The adolescent was arrested in Codajas, 240 kilometers (150 miles) from the state capital Manaus. Two more people have been arrested and a further four are still wanted, police chief Frederico Mendes in a statement.

Kelty was a head teacher in Britain and an accomplished adventurer who'd trekked unassisted to the South Pole, hiked across the United States and was now attempting to kayak the River Amazon from its source to the ocean. [more]

British kayak adventurer slain in Brazil's Amazon



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