Ignorant Trump supporters berate President Obama on Twitter for his alleged absence from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Graphic: Schatz / Twitter

By Dan Van Winkle
30 August 2017

(The Mary Sue) – False news stories, especially about politics, have been circulating online for some time now, with the 2016 election acting as a lightning rod for them. There have also been plenty of hoaxes in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s disastrous impacts on Texas—notably fooling Fox News into running a fake picture of a shark in flood waters—and those two phenomena finally combined for something truly absurd.

In what I have to believe started as propaganda by Twitter bots, a line began circulating that accused President Obama of golfing during Hurricane Katrina rather than doing anything about it.

Surely, those who are history scholars (or who know what history is) can spot the problem with this: Barack Obama wasn’t the president when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Yes, that alone would simply make this bit of propaganda even more ridiculous than usual. There’s generally an effort, no matter how absurd, to at least try to confuse and obfuscate the truth when the bot armies start their chants, so this one sticks out as pretty easily proven false.

But even worse is that Obama did visit with survivors taking refuge from Hurricane Katrina, in Houston’s Astrodome, though he was just a senator at the time:

Tweet from Talia on 29 August 2017: 'What was Obama doing during Katrina? He was actually at the Astrodome helping out and wasn't even gaddamn president yet.' Graphic: Talia / Twitter

There’s enough real hypocrisy to go around right now that we don’t need to make things up. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is taking a lot of heat for his disingenuous claims that the Sandy disaster relief bill he opposed was bad because of too much funding for things that weren’t disaster relief related, or related enough. Vice President Mike Pence was also very concerned with where the funding was going to come from for Katrina relief efforts, but that hasn’t been a focus of the administration he’s now part of. To be fair, maybe he’s just assuming that they’re already planning to cut enough money from other necessary programs that help people.

President Obama also visited with victims of Sandy’s devastation just a few years ago, while Donald Trump notably didn’t meet with any victims during his visit to Texas. [more]

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