Estimated rate of sea level rise, 1880-2013. Graphic: Tamino / Open Mind

By Tamino
25 July 2017

(Open Mind) – There seems to be some interest in global sea level as estimated by tide gauges. In particular, we have recently been directed to a graph of the data from Church & White, which is the most reputable of the available choices. Alas, the graph we were directed to only shows their data up to the end of 1992. What, you may wonder, happens after that?

The data extend for another 21 years, to the end of 2013. And here it is: […]

Even without acceleration, the present rate is real trouble. Miami is already spending about half a billion dollars to deal with the flooding they’re already getting from sea level rise. Another foot will bring yet more damage, and threatens the economic viability of somewhere in the neighborhood of a trillion dollars of prime real estate development.

We expect to see considerably more acceleration this century. This is suggested by empirical models (such as those of Vermeer and Rahmstorf), on “process models” (which emulate the physical process), and on something we like to call “laws of physics.” [more]

Sea Level Rise has Accelerated



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