Addicks reservoir water level has reached 108', 29 August 2017. MSNBC confirmaed that water was going over spillway for first time in history. Graphic: Travis Herzog‏

29 August 2017 (WPBF) – Another levee has breached in Texas, just south of Houston.

Brazoria County officials said the levee at Columbia Lakes had breached and told residents to "Get out Now!!"

County officials also expected widespread flooding of the Brazos River.

County spokeswoman Sharon Trower said about 90% of flooding in the central and western part of the county is from rainwater, as opposed to the river.

"We've got a lot of low-lying areas that are experiencing flooding," Trower said. "When the river starts to come out of its banks, that's when we're going to have the biggest issues." [more]

Residents south of Houston urged to leave area after levee breach



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