An intensely red sunrise at NWS Seattle on the morning of 4 August 2017, caused by smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia. Photo: NWS Seattle‏

Just over 7,000 British Columbians remain out of their homes.

The provincial state of emergency has now been extended until Aug. 18.

The B.C. Wildfire Service has provided a map of where the fires are located (it may not load in high traffic times so you might need to be patient).

The map is accurate as of 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5, although the wildfire situation may change at any time. The larger flames on the map are considered “wildfires of note”. [more]

B.C. wildfires map 2017: Current location of wildfires around the province

Smoke rises from a wildfire 7 km fro Williams Lake, British Columbia, 4 August 2017. Photo: Global News

By Amy Judd
4 August 2017

(Global News) – It’s not a record anyone wants to break.

This year’s B.C. wildfire season is now the worst since 1958.

Chief fire information officer, Kevin Skrepnek, says 4,910 square kilometres have been burned across the province to date.

The worst wildfire season in B.C.’s history, in 1958, scorched 8,560 square kilometres. Skrepnek says it is too early to tell if this year’s wildfire activity could break that record.

Record keeping began in 1950.

The provincial state of emergency has now been extended until Aug. 18. [more]

B.C. wildfire status Friday: Worst wildfire season in B.C. since 1958


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