Trump's tweet on 31 May 2017, intimating that he would MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by withdrawing from the Paris Accord on climate change. Graphic: Twitter

31 May 2017 (CBS News) – President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garrett confirms.

Mr. Trump has already told close friends and confidants of his plans, and he has also discussed with senior White House staff attempting to renegotiate the Paris Climate protocols on reducing greenhouse gas emissions – with an eye to making them less onerous to U.S. industry.

Mr. Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that he will have a formal announcement on the decision "over the next few days."

First reported by Axios, Mr. Trump made his decision to withdraw from the agreement, according to two sources that have direct knowledge of the decision.

Details on just how exactly the U.S. will be withdrawing are still being worked out by a team that includes EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

A full, formal withdrawal could take up to three years to execute, unraveling one of former President Barack Obama's major achievements in office to reduce the impacts of climate change. [more]

President Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement



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