Frame from the “Dilbert” comic strip on 14 May 2017, condemning climate science. Graphic: Scott Adams

By PZ Myers
14 May 2017

(Pharyngula) – I don’t normally read Dilbert — I’ve seen far too much of the benighted ignorant psyche of its creator — but this one was just laid out on a table at the coffee shop yesterday, and I knew I’d have to deal with it. In this one, Dilbert goes full climate science denialist. This might be fun, to dissect Dilbert, because even though it will kill what little humor is present in it, at least we’ll have a good time laughing at Scott Adams. Let’s dissect the shit out of this thing. […]

I guess there’s supposed to be a punchline of some sort next. Once again, Adams fails to meet the minimal standards of his medium.

I think the punchline is supposed to be implying that science supporters can only defend their position by calling True Skeptics mean names. Of course, the entire point of the two panels just above that is to call climate scientists conscious liars. [more]

Scott Adams embarks on the Johnny Hart road


  1. Anonymous said...

    I ripped into Scott Adams several months ago. He's a blithering idiot. He thinks he's somehow 'qualified' to spread his climate denial meme because he writes cartoons. I found his claims specious at best, and bogus at worst. I think the man is a fool, just like every other climate denialist. Idiots preaching non-science, non-facts, non-evidence to other idiots. I've got no use for any of them. ~Survival Acres~  


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