Proposed Shell and ConocoPhillips oil wells in the Arctic Ocean, 2012-2014: Graphic: Northern Alaska Environmental Center

By Jennifer A Dlouhy
6 April 2017

(Bloomberg) – President Donald Trump is preparing to issue an executive order with the goal of giving oil companies more opportunities to drill offshore, reversing Obama-era policies that restricted the activity.

The offshore drilling directive is set to be issued soon, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told an industry conference in Washington on Thursday, according to three attendees who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a session closed to the press. Zinke did not provide specific details on the executive order during his presentation to the National Ocean Industries Association.

The coming order is set to push the Interior Department to schedule sales of new offshore oil and natural gas rights in U.S. Atlantic and Arctic waters, amending a five-year Obama administration leasing plan that left out auctions there, according to an industry representative who has discussed it with officials. 

The order is also expected to begin the process of revoking former President Barack Obama’s decision to indefinitely withdraw most U.S. Arctic waters and some Atlantic Ocean acreage from future leasing. Environmentalists say it would be unprecedented for any president to rescind such a designation, and the reversal would almost certainly be challenged in court.

Spokesmen for the Interior Department and White House did not respond to emailed requests seeking comment. [more]

Trump Preparing Order to Expand Offshore Oil Drilling


  1. Anonymous said...

    Order by decree. What with this fiat government? Who authorized this? Declarations by one man as "law"? The abuse of executive orders was NEVER intended to be the law of the land and was reserved for extenuating circumstances and emergencies. But now, to bypass the will of the people, the legislative and judicial branches of government, the executive branch "rules by decree".

    If that is not a dictator, I don't know what is.

    ~Survival Acres~  


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