A Native American demonstrator says a prayer in front of the White House, 11 March 2017. Photo: White Wolf Pack

11 March 2017 (White Wolf Pack) – Thousands of Native American demonstrators and their supporters marched to the White House to voice outrage at the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

The protest follows months of demonstrations in a remote part of North Dakota, where the Standing Rock Sioux tribe demonstrated in an attempt to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing upstream from their reservation.

That pipeline is being installed now, after Trump signed an executive order last month smoothing the path for construction. He also cleared the way for the Keystone XL project that would pipe Canadian crude into the United States.

The protesters, some wearing traditional tribal garb, carried signs reading "Native Lives Matter", "Water is Life", and "Protect the Water" while marching.

The Native Nations March, organized by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Indigenous Environmental Network, comes a month after the Army greenlighted completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline without an environmental study.

“There’s not a chance he’s going to go to a reservation,” Phillips said. “There’s not a chance he’s going to go to the people to find out what’s going on.”

So, they brought their message to him.

Tribes from around the county have been gathering in Washington, D.C., for days, erecting teepees on the National Mall near the White House. [more]

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