Aerial view of feral pigs in Texas. Photo: Eric Gay / AP Photo

By Andrea Lucia
21 February 2017

NORTH TEXAS (CBS News) – Announcing the “feral hog apocalypse” is within reach, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has approved of the first pesticide targeting wild pigs.

The move has upset hunters, who’ve gathered more than 1,200 signatures in opposition within two days.

“We don’t think poison is the way to go,” said Eydin Hansen, Vice President of the Texas Hog Hunters Association.

He prefers hunting and trapping methods to control the invasive species.

Hansen has been hunting hogs since he was 16.

“It’s a way to feed your family,” he said.

He worries soon he won’t want to take that risk.

“If this hog is poisoned, do I want to feed it to my family? I can tell you, I don’t.”

The approved poison, Kaput Feral Hog Lure, contains warfarin, the same drug used to kill rats or prescribed by doctors, in smaller doses, to prevent blood clots.

Hunters and conservationists are afraid other animals may be exposed to toxin.

“If a hog dies, what eats it? Coyotes, buzzards…” said Hansen. “We’re gonna affect possibly the whole ecosystem.” [more]

Fearing "feral hog apocalypse," Texas approves drastic measures


  1. Anonymous said...

    This is bulsh. Warfarin was phased out of rat poison years ago, due to secondary kill rates. Who does not recognize this as idiocy. Grain based poisons scattered about will kill everything that comes in contact. Hog's intelligence will make this plan futile in the long run. Trapping and hunting, are the only sound choices for proper management. This plan will wipe out all animals that come in contact. Survivors of not enough poison do kill will train next generation not to eat. Permission to perform to kill all wild food please. No more rabbit, coon,deer some hogs etc. Tree huggers will probably join this fight. Wake every body up. Birds love hog food too keep swords sharp powder dry. This is how to kill all wild food  

  2. Anonymous said...

    I went to the original website, and they could put a bounty on hogs if they had $900,000 for research, give out the names of farmers with hog problems. Hunters and trappers would be calling from 50 states, looking to get permission.  


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