Map of flooding risk in California for 17 February 2017. Graphic: AccuWeather

By Alex Sosnowski
17 February 2017

(AccuWeather) – A new train of storms has arrived along the Pacific coast, and a potent one has begun to hit California hard with heavy rain, mountain snow, and strong winds to end this week.

The first storm focused on areas from Northern California to Washington during Wednesday and Thursday.

The second storm in the series will focus most of its moisture on Central and Southern California into Saturday.

"The late-week storm has the potential to be the biggest of the winter in terms of rainfall and impact to much of Southern California," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

The storm will bring enough rain and excess runoff to cause flash flooding, which can cause major delays for motorists. Along with the heavy rain will be the potential for mudslides in some neighborhoods, especially in recent burn scar locations.

The storm will raise the risk of oceanfront and hillside erosion. [more]

'Biggest storm of winter' to unleash flooding rain in California into Friday night



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