Global surface temperature anomaly, 1970-2016. The trend lines show that there was no pause in global warming.  Graphic: Gavin Schmidt / RealClimate

By Rasmus E. Benestad
22 January 2017

(RealClimate) – I think that the idea of a pause in the global warming has been a red herring ever since it was suggested, and we have commented on this several times here on RC: On how data gaps in some regions (e.g., the Arctic) may explain an underestimation of the recent warming. We have also explained how natural oscillations may give the impression of a faux pause. Now, when we know the the global mean temperature for 2016, it’s even more obvious. […]

The latest findings confirm the results of Karl, et al., 2015 from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which Gavin described in a previous post here on RC. The NOAA analysis received unusual attention because of the harassment it drew from the chair of the US House Science Committee and the subpoena demand for emails.  […]

It is important to realize that science is about universal truths, which means that you should get a consistent picture in a comprehensive analysis. The idea of a hiatus was indeed inconsistent with other indicators, such as the global sea level which continued to rise unabated (Watson, et al., 2015). And there was no reason to think that changes in the cryosphere and precipitation had ceased either. [more]

There was no pause



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