A large whale carcass off Windward Oahu was towed out to sea, 11 November 2016. Photo: NOAA

By Ted Ranosa
1 January 2017

(Tech Times) – Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) announced on Friday, Dec. 30, that access to the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve in South Maui has been closed after a whale carcass was washed ashore in the area.

The carcass is believed to be that of a humpback whale, and it is the fifth one to be beached on the shoreline in recent weeks. Other whale carcasses have been spotted in several areas, including Kauai, West Molokai, West Oahu, and Kailua Bay, since November.

Paul Haake, captain of the Maui Fire Department, said the dead whale was washed ashore and became on a shallow reef Friday morning. […]

In October, beachgoers spotted a dead blue whale at a local beach in Daly City, California. The massive marine mammal may have been struck by the propeller strike a passing vessel.

Another humpback whale carcass was also washed ashore at a Los Angeles County beach in July. Local whale experts discovered entanglement scars on its body, which indicated that it may have been caught in some fishing lines in the past. [more]

Beached Whale Carcass Forces Shoreline Closure In Maui



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