U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks at election night rally in Manhattan, New York, U.S., 9 November 2016. Photo: Mike Segar / REUTERS

By Valerie Volcovici and Alister Doyle; editing by John Stonestreet
12 November 2016

WASHINGTON/MARRAKESH, Morocco (Reuters) – Donald Trump is seeking quick ways of withdrawing from a global agreement to limit climate change, a source on his transition team said, defying widening international backing for the plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Since the U.S. President-elect was chosen, governments ranging from China to small island states have reaffirmed support for the 2015 Paris Agreement at 200-nation climate talks running until Nov. 18 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Trump, who has called global warming a hoax and has promised to quit the Paris Agreement, was considering ways to bypass a theoretical four-year procedure for leaving the accord, according to the source, who works on Trump's transition team for international energy and climate policy.

"It was reckless for the Paris agreement to enter into force before the election" on Tuesday, the source told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. The Paris Agreement won enough backing for entry into force on Nov. 4.

Alternatives were to send a letter withdrawing from a 1992 Convention that is the parent treaty of the Paris Agreement, voiding U.S. involvement in both in a year's time, or to issue a presidential order simply deleting the U.S. signature from the Paris accord, he said. [more]

Trump looking at fast ways to quit global climate deal: source


  1. rpauli said...

    thanks - this is great news find... I can now cut back on my bloodpressure medicine... but only for now.

  2. rpauli said...

    Oh no, I misread them... perhaps we can alter the future. Well, he can't do anything until Jan 21 or 20th if he's that eager. Back to the bloodpressure pills.  


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