Disappearing homes, 17 September 2016: Due to sea-level rise, many islands in the Ganges Delta region of West Bengal, India, are facing fast erosion. The island of Mousuni is one such island, which is sinking with each passing tide. Homes and lands are sinking at a steady rate, and people are staring at a bleak future, in which the probability of them becoming climate refugees looms large. Photo: Arka Dutta / National Geographic Your Shot

27 November 2016 (Washington Post) – National Geographic asked a global community of photographers to share their stories about climate change. Photos were submitted through Your Shot, National Geographic’s online photo community, and then editors’ selections were chosen to be in an exhibit at the Conference of the Parties 22 Climate Summit in Morocco.

National Geographic asked photographers to show the impact of climate change, here’s what they shot



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