British physicist Brian Cox takes Australia Senator Malcolm Roberts for global warming denial, by showing the graph of global average surface temperature and explaining that there has been no 'pause' in global warming. Photo: ABC

15 August 2016 (ABC) – There was a climate change showdown on Q&A last night when Professor Brian Cox and One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts were guests on the panel.

Here's the best bits from their exchanges for you.

The night began with an audience question to the British physicist, asking him to address Senator Roberts' request for proof of a human element in climate change. […]

After some back and forth between the two, Q&A host Tony Jones stepped in:

"Malcolm, you are hearing the interpretation of a highly qualified scientist and you're saying, ‘I don't believe that" — is that right?’"

Senator Roberts:

"I'm saying two things. First of all, that the data has been corrupted and we know…"

Professor Cox:

"What do you mean by corrupted? What do you mean?"

Senator Roberts:

"Been manipulated…"

Professor Brian Cox:

"By who?"

Senator Roberts:

"By NASA…"

Professor Cox:


The audience began to laugh. [more]

Q&A: Professor Brian Cox takes on Senator Malcolm Roberts in climate change stoush


  1. Anonymous said...

    Idiots in office. I thought that only existed in America. Guess I was wrong.

    Trump proposes to thoroughly trash science and ignore climate change. The man is a complete moron. He still stupidly spouting that the Chinese are behind this "scam". And the idiotic Americant public is far too stupid themselves to wake the hell up and realize that if this moron is (s)Elected into office, we are fucked beyond belief.  


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