World oil production and consumption by region for 2015. World oil production growth in 2015 significantly exceeded the growth in oil consumption for a second consecutive year. Production grew by 2.8 million b/d, led by increases in the Middle East (+1.5 million b/d) and North America (+0.9 million b/d). Global oil consumption increased by 1.9 million b/d, nearly double the 10-year average, with above-average growth driven by OECD countries. The Asia Pacific region accounted for 74 percent of global growth, with China once again contributing the largest national increment to global oil consumption growth (+770,000 b/d). Graphic: BP

By Robert Rapier
8 June 2016

(Forbes) – Each year in June two very important reports are released that provide a comprehensive view of the global energy markets. The highlight of the recently released Renewables 2016 Global Status Report was that the world’s renewable energy production has never been higher. But the biggest takeaway from this year’s BP Statistical Review of World Energy, released Wednesday, may be that the world’s fossil fuel consumption has also never been higher.

While global coal consumption did decline by 1% in 2015, the world set new consumption records for petroleum and natural gas. The net impact was a total increase in the world’s fossil fuel consumption of about 0.6%. That may not seem like much, but the net increase in fossil fuel consumption — the equivalent of 127 million metric tons of petroleum — was 2.6 times the overall increase in the consumption of renewables (48 million metric tons of oil equivalent).

As a result, despite the record increase in renewable consumption, global carbon dioxide emissions once again set a new all-time record high. Carbon dioxide emissions in 2015 were 36 million metric tons higher than in 2014, and marked the 6th straight year a new record high has been set. But perhaps the silver lining is that 2015 marked the 2nd straight year that the increase was smaller than the year before. Carbon dioxide emissions in 2013 were 505 million tons higher than in 2012, but then 2014 and 2015 respectively saw increases of 224 million metric tons and 36 million metric tons. [more]

World Sets Record For Fossil Fuel Consumption


  1. Anonymous said...

    Everybody forgets that so-called "renewables" really aren't. They rely upon fossil fuel for their raw materials, construction and maintenance.

    Somebody should do a study on how much the development of alternative energy has caused petroleum use to go up.

    This post covers some of the concerns:

    The Hidden Side of Alternative Energy

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  2. Dennis Mitchell said...

    Does this parallel population growth?

  3. Anonymous said...

    "Does this parallel population growth?" They don't talk much about population here, just fossil fuels. Never mind the fact that we could burn fossil fuels without much issue, if we had a dramatically lower population. I'm not talking about genocide, I'm talking about PAYING people to stop having children and to get sterilized. I guess these folks think that 7+ billion people will just hold hands and sing songs, if we just had more equality, and less fossil fuel use.  


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