Photographer Sebastian Copeland was trekking in the Canadian Arctic when he came across this distressing sight of a polar bear's emaciated corpse on a patch of rocky ground. The animal starved to death as a result of climate change which have caused the ice to retreat, making it impossible to hunt seals. Photo: Sebastian Copeland

[cf. Desdemona’s collection of polar bear stories.]

By Simon Tomlinson
18 February 2016

(Daily Mail) – A photographer has captured a heartbreaking image of a dead polar bear which he claims starved to death as a result of climate change.

Sebastian Copeland was trekking in the Canadian Arctic when he came across the animal's emaciated corpse surrounded in molted fur on a patch of rocky ground.

Mr Copeland believes it serves as a graphic illustration of the plight facing polar bears as the sea ice retreats, making it harder to hunt seals and forcing them further inland for food.

Writing in his book Arctica: The Vanishing North, the adventurer said: 'For the state of the ice in general, we're headed into uncharted territory. There's no doubt about it.

'The frozen remains of this young bear point to starvation. 

'The faster retreat of the sea ice, a bear's favoured spot for seal hunting, leads to longer fasting periods and the demise of more animals from starvation.' 

Mr Copeland, who has photographed the Arctic for the last ten years, says he wants to document the devastating effects of global warming on glacial environments. [more]

Photographer captures heartbreaking image of an Arctic polar bear which 'starved to death as a result of climate change'


  1. Anonymous said...

    On another post, you lament the fact that seals are starving. Now you post about Polar Bears starving, because they can't find seals to eat. So, it's OK if seals are eaten alive by polar bears, but not OK if they starve? Nature is a monstrosity, I think you realize this, but have trouble accepting it. The demise of sentient life is a wonderful thing, all suffering will end.  

  2. swans-of-borg said...

    I understand the theory, but you know what? People don't give a shit about another dead Polar Bear. The world has known about this for 40 years and chooses to ignore it. So What?

    Convince Jill Sixpack that Climate Change threatens THEIR child's (not some Syrian - who gives a shit?) IQ, or job prospects and you might get some traction.

    Was it not Einstein who said that an idiot keeps repeating the same thing and expecting different results. Well, we 'ecoterrorists' have been showing pictures of cute little dead animals for what, 50 years? Show me some evidence this has defeated the war on nature. Yes, the EU no longer buys white sealskins from Canada. Well, that's not a bad thing.

    Meanwhile the blackbirds are a month early, I'm growing corn 1000 miles north of it's previous range, we have eliminated half of the land mammals and fish on earth.

    I understand the emotional pull, I really do. But it's not working.  


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