Northern Hemisphere sea ice area, 18 February 2016. Arctic sea ice area was at a record low for this time of year. Graphic: Cryosphere Today / Arctic News

18 February 2016
By Sam Carana

(Arctic News) – An earlier post wondered whether maximum extent for this year had already been reached on 9 February 2016, when sea ice extent was 14.214 million km2.

As illustrated by the image above, extent since has been lower, including on the two most recent days on the image, on February 16 and 17, 2016, when extent was respectively 14.208 and 14.203 million km2. […]

UPDATE: On 18 February 2016 (arrow), Arctic sea ice extent was 14.186 million square km, i.e., less than it was on February 9. In fact, sea ice extent hasn't been higher on any day since 9 February 2016. So, the question is, did this year's maximum extent already passed us by on February 9?  [more]

Has maximum sea ice extent already been reached this year?



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