Thyroid cancer incidence in children and adolescents from Belarus after the Chernobyl accident, 1986-2002. Graphic: Demidchick, 2003 / International Workshop on Radiation and Thyroid Cancer 2014

21-23 February 2014 (IAEA) – The objective of this workshop was to develop a state-of-the-art scientific understanding of radiation-induced thyroid cancer, and to share knowledge and experience in this area in order to support the efforts of the Japanese government and the Fukushima Prefecture to enhance public health. Experience in holding effective social dialogues, in order to best understand and appropriately address social concerns, was also a workshop focus. The workshop began with a half-day tutorial session, followed by two days of plenary presentations and discussion, including panel sessions summarising the results of each session. A closing panel provided overall results and conclusions from the workshop. A Rapporteur provided a workshop summary report and assisted the session co-chairs in summarising key points. This document [pdf] brings together the available presentations (slides), dealing with:

1.1 - Overview of Radiation-induced Thyroid Cancer (C. Reiners);

1.2 - Overview of the Fukushima Health Management Survey (S. Yasumura);

1.3 - Overview of Epidemiology of Thyroid Cancer in the Context of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident (J. Schuez);

1.4 - Overview of the Clinical Features of Thyroid Cancer (Miyauchi);

1.5 - Dialogue with Stakeholders in Complex Radiological Circumstances (G. Gamhewage);

1.6 - Session 1 (tutorial session): Radiation and Thyroid Cancer - Summary Discussion and Questions.

2.1 - WHO Thyroid Dose Estimation (E. van Deventer);

2.2 - Basic Survey External Dose Estimation (T. Ishikawa);

2.3 - NIRS Estimation of Internal Dose to the Thyroid (O. Kurihara);

2.4 - Estimation of Internal Dose to the Thyroid (S. Tokonami);

3.1 - FMU Thyroid Ultrasound Surveys in the Fukushima Prefecture (S. Suzuki);

3.2 - FMU Thyroid Ultrasound Surveys in the Yamanashi Prefecture and Review of Latent Thyroid (H. Shimura);

3.3 - Childhood Thyroid Cancer in Korea: Results of Recent Surveys (J. H. Chung);

4.1 - Ultrasonography Surveys and Thyroid Cancer in the Fukushima Prefecture (P. Jacob);

4.2 - Thyroid Dose Estimation for Epidemiological Studies (A. Bouville);

4.3 - Thyroid Cancer Risk to the Embryo and Fetus in the Chernobyl Accident (M. Hatch);

4.4 - Day 2 discussion; 5.1 - Childhood Thyroid Cancer in A-bomb Survivors (R. Shore);

5.2 - Childhood Thyroid Cancer in Russia Following the Chernobyl Accident (V. Ivanov);

5.3 - Childhood Thyroid Cancer in Ukraine Following the Chernobyl Accident (M. Tronko);

5.4 - Childhood Thyroid Cancer in Belarus Following the Chernobyl Accident (Y. Demidchik);

5.5 - Childhood Thyroid Cancer in the Marshall Islands (A. Vaswani);

5.6 - Thyroid Survey Plans for TEPCO Workers (T. Sobue);

5.7 - CRPPH Contributions to Stakeholder Involvement (M. Siemann, T. Lazo);

6.1 - Experience with Stakeholders in Post-accident Situations (J. Lochard);

6.2 - Experience from the French Nord-Cotentin Study: Involving Stakeholders in the Planning (T. Schneider);

6.3 - Recovery and Reconstitution Model of Kawauchi Village after the Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident (N. Takamura);

6.4 - FMU Risk Communication Activities (S. Matsui);

6.5 - The Science of Estimating an Individual's Risk (W. Bolch);

Summary of the Workshop Results

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Radiation and Thyroid Cancer [pdf]



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