Air quality index for Shenyang, China over the 24-hour period spanning 8 November 2015 to 9 November 2015. Graphic: Chris Buckley / / Twitter

By Tom Phillips, with additional reporting by Luna Lin
8 November 2015

BEIJING (The Guardian) – Residents of north-eastern China donned gas masks and locked themselves indoors on Sunday after their homes were enveloped by some of the worst levels of smog on record.

Levels of PM2.5, a tiny airborne particulate linked to cancer and heart disease, soared in Liaoning province as northern China began burning coal to heat homes at the start of the winter.

In Shenyang, Liaoning’s capital, visibility levels plummeted to as little as 100 metres, the state broadcaster CCTV said.

In some areas of Shenyang, PM2.5 readings reportedly surpassed 1,400 micrograms per cubic metre, which is about 56 times the levels considered safe by the World Health Organisation.

A woman in Shenyang, China, holds her child, who wears a mask against record pollution levels, 8 November 2015. She says, 'There is an unpleasant smell in the air.' Photo: LRTV / The Guardian

“The air stings and makes my eyes and throat feel sore when I’m outdoors,” one woman, who had ventured out to buy a face mask, was quoted as saying. “As for what exactly we should do, I don’t know,” she added.

By Monday afternoon there had been a slight improvement, although air quality remained at “hazardous” levels in Shenyang, an industrial city of about 8 million inhabitants.

The Associated Press said Sunday’s smog represented one of the worst episodes of air pollution recorded in China since authorities began releasing air quality data in 2013.

There was indignation on social media as China confronted its latest “airpocalypse”. [more]

Airpocalypse now: China pollution reaching record levels

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  1. Anonymous said...

    And all that shit eventually blows over to the U.S.A - fun times.

    Humans are so f*cking stupid. Poison the air, soil and water and beat their chests that this is "progress".

    As I've said before, we don't deserve this place (no respect).  


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