Albert Lukassen's world is melting around him. When the 64-year-old Inuit man was young, he could hunt by dogsled on the frozen Uummannaq Fjord, on Greenland’s west coast, until June. This photo shows him there in April 2015. All the photographs for this story were taken on the fjord. Photo: Ciril Jazbec / National Geographic

15 October 2015 (National Geographic) – Record heat, melting ice, and rising seas show how climate change is affecting us. But there’s new hope we can cool the planet. Here’s how. [more]

The Climate Change Issue


  1. Robert Callaghan said...

    After 20 years of trying, renewable energy has increased from 1% of total power use to 3% of total energy use. That's why Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben only quote tell how much electricity is renewably powered, because the higher number sells better.  


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