Plastic removed from the stomach of a sea turtle during a necropsy, 27 October 2015. Photo: Charles Moore

By Sandra Kinnaman Nordström
28 October 2015

(Facebook) – This week I am travelling around in Brazil and lecturing about Zero Waste, The Good Talents, and the opportunities in switching to a circular economy. With me on this trip I have lots of inspiring people that are experts in their fields. Charles Moore is a famous author and captain, the first to start researching on the plastic in our oceans.

Yesterday, while I was lecturing for the association of supermarkets here in Brazil, Charles was visiting a turtle rescue group. They performed an autopsy on a turtle that had died the night before. Inside they found 70 pieces of plastic and huge ulcers in the turtle’s stomach, caused by problems related to having plastic in its body.

Can we please wake up and STOP USING PLASTIC?

Ulcerated inside stomach of sea turtle, revealed during a necropsy at Tamar, the Brazilian turtle rescue group, 27 October 2015. The group found 74 pieces of plastic inside. Photo: Charles Moore

Sandra Kinnaman Nordström



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