Sites in the U.S. that broke or tied the record for their warmest climatological summer on record. The map illustrates the location of these sites among the 300 sites for which Christopher C. Burt has data for hottest summers/coldest winters. Hawaii is not included on the map. Graphic: Christopher C. Burt /

By Christopher C. Burt
September 07, 2015

( – The summer of 2015 is likely to go down as the warmest such on record for much of the Pacific Northwest, especially for the states of Washington and Oregon. It was also anomalously warm in other parts of the country. Here are some of the details.

In a blog I posted on August 1st I summarized the many sites in the Pacific Northwest that were on track for their warmest summer on record as a result of record heat in June and July. Although August was not as anomalously warm as those months, it was warm enough to allow for the warmest climatological summer on record to occur for most sites in Washington and Oregon (as well as western Idaho). It was also the warmest summer on record (actually a tie) in Phoenix, Arizona. Hawaii also saw record summer heat. [more]

Hottest Summer on Record for Much of the Pacific Northwest



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