Pope Francis in front of the U.S. Capitol building. Photo: Salon

By Sophia Tesfaye
18 September 2015

(Salon) – Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, describing himself as a “a proud Catholic” took to the conservative website Townhall to lecture Pope Francis and announce his planned boycott of his historic papal visit to Congress next week.

Calling it his “moral obligation” to call out Catholic leaders who deviate from conservative talking points on abortion, homosexuality, and religious freedom, Gosar explained that he could not attend Francis’s address before Congress.

Francis’ calls for action to tackle climate change and his stark criticisms of capitalism and inequality have caused Republicans to wage a war against His Holiness. A Gallup poll in July found that a sharp drop in the pope’s favorability rating — from 76 percent to 59  percent — was fueled by conservatives, with only a minority expressing a favorable opinion of the pontiff.

“If the Pope stuck to standard Christian theology, I would be the first in line,” Gosar insisted, writing that “if the Pope wants to devote his life to fighting climate change then he can do so in his personal time”. […]

Gosar has also called for the impeachment of Environmental Protection Agency head Gina McCarthy for allegedly committing perjury before Congress earlier this year. [more]

Catholic GOP congressman will boycott Pope Francis’s congressional address over climate change


  1. Anonymous said...

    Republicans are total frauds. They cherry-pick what they like, and what they will support. They lack a moral compass which permits them to overlook issues like humanitarianism. They play party politics like it's a football match, "always side with your team" even when the team is dead wrong about everything.

    Now replace the word Republican with Democrat or Christian - this all applies to these frauds too.

    People have been taught to "belong" to one group or another, gaining their identity, knowledge and opinions from the group. It's quite ridiculous as they cannot think independently without this mind-pollution, or learn to think for themselves or realize how they've all been herded into various special-interest groups for reasons of profit and control. In other words, they're mentally ignorant and lack the skills to see through these population deceptions.

    You're supposed to "pick a side" in this life, or so they say.

    I pick decency, common sense, morality, respect and integrity. Since none of the named groups above even seem to know what those words mean, I do not belong to any of them.

    I treat all of them like the politicians they all really are too - liars, frauds, thieves, ignorant, back-stabbing thugs, always after your money, your life, your attention and your time. I've no use for any of them.

    Gosar chooses to blend his religion and his views about his religion, and "who should do what" (who is authorized to even speak about politics or climate change) on a ridiculous made-up manufactured expectation. We are ALL in this together and we ALL have a voice in the future and what we know and don't know. The world is way overdue for a clear voice on this topic and Gosar chooses to be a part of the problem instead of lending hand towards a solution. Typical political "me too" bullshit.

    Gosar is a grandstanding fool and a schill. Without looking it up, I can easily envision that his own track record is being a corporate whore for Big Oil and industry. He's certainly acting like one. Gosar is a sell-out, obviously and will forever be remembered for taking this stupid position against the future of life itself.

  2. midatlanticriverrat said...

    I whole heartedly agree with the statements of 'anonymous'above, but i would extend his Gosar perspective to the entire members of the us congress, the senate, every governor of every territory, commonwealth, and state in the union, along with their respective senators, and congressperson.

    I will -ironic, i know- quote the catholic preacher who in my youth tried to indoctrinate me "Man is the wolf of man". And in my older, and hopefully wiser, years, i have come to see that this is indeed true.



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