Jericho the lion is seen alive and roaming his park habitat in Zimbabwe on 2 August 2015, in this photo taken by Oxford University researcher Brent Stapelkamp, who tracks lions in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park. Photo: Brent Stapelkamp

By Michael Martinez and Deborah Bloom
2 August 2015

(CNN) – Jericho the lion is alive and roaming his park habitat in Zimbabwe, the Oxford University researcher tracking the lion confirmed on Sunday.

Brent Stapelkamp dismissed reports that the lion had been killed, saying a GPS device on Jericho didn't suggest anything out of the ordinary. Furthermore, the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, which told CNN and other media that poachers killed Jericho, retracted its statements on Sunday.

The head of the conservation task force, Johnny Rodrigues, said in a new statement that the erroneous information was the result of mistaken identity. Rodrigues said that another lion had been killed, something that CNN cannot immediately verify.

As proof of life, Oxford University tweeted a photo of Jericho, taken by Stapelkamp early Sunday morning. [more]

Confirmed: Jericho the lion is alive



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