Faroese villagers show their children the bodies of pilot whales slaughtered during the annual drive hunt, known locally as the 'grindadráp'. The 'grindadráp' is illegal, and Denmark is failing to fulfill its obligations under the Berne Convention. Photo: Sea Shepherd

By John Vidal
24 July 2015

(The Guardian) – Faroese villagers have slaughtered about 250 pilot whales in the past 24 hours according to Sea Shepherd activists monitoring the traditional summer hunts in the north Atlantic islands.

The whale pods, which migrate past the islands in July and August, were herded by flotillas of small boats on to two beaches where villagers waded into the water to kill them with lances.

Seven protesters, mainly from European countries, have been arrested this week for allegedly interfering with the the traditional community hunts, known as “grindadráp”.

Amsterdam-based direct action group Sea Shepherd, which has 36 people on two boats close to the islands and a further 20 supporters on Faroese islands, claimed on Friday that the Danish navy was helping the Faroese whalers. Although the islands are self-governing, they are financially dependent on Denmark.

“It was perfectly clear that the Danish navy ships Triton and Knud Rasmussen were present to guard one grindadráp, and that the slaughter [only] proceeded with the full consent of the Danish navy,” said Wyanda Lublink, captain of the Sea Shepherd boat Brigitte Bardot.

“How Denmark – an anti-whaling member nation of the European Union, subject to laws prohibiting the slaughter of cetaceans – can attempt to justify its collaboration in this slaughter is incomprehensible,” he said. [more]

Protesters film slaughter of hundreds of whales in the Faroe Islands


By Chris Graham
24 July 2015

(New Matilda) – An annual Danish whale hunt – with the signature sea turning red from blood – has been captured on film by activists. READER’S WARNING: This story contains images and graphics of an extremely graphic and disturbing nature.

International environmental and animal rights group Sea Shepherd has captured shocking footage of the annual slaughter of pilot whales in a remote corner of the Danish coastline. Yesterday, around 200 pilot whales were speared through the spine on the “killing beaches” of Denmark's Faroe Islands. They’re called ‘killing beaches’ because each beach must be licensed for the annual hunt, and have shallow gradations where the whales can be beached right on the shoreline. Dozens of boats drive the whales into the shallow coves, before hundreds of local men wade into the shallow waters and drag the wahles further onto the beaches. A spear is then driven down through the whales' spines. In the process, they cut the main arteries leading to the whales’ brains, causing them to bleed heavily, and staining the beach and water red with blood. [more]

Sea Shepherd Captures Shocking Footage Of Mass Slaughter Of Pilot Whales

By Captain Paul Watson
24 July 2015

(Facebook) – Yesterday, the Faroese killed 114 whales in Torshaven and 111 on the island of Vagur - a total of 221 whales slaughtered.

One teenage whaler mockingly yelled at one of our people and said, "I hate whale meat but I love to kill them."

That pretty much sums up the mentality.

Captain Paul Watson


  1. Anonymous said...

    The mammals who needed culling on that island were not cetaceans...  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Don’t start making things easy for the do-gooders. Never do anything that might benefit other people. Don’t ever let this become a better world for any future generation; you should only be in this life for yourself.

    Don’t ever recycle; fill this world with as much rubbish as you can generate. Do not conserve resources; go ahead and waste reserves for the simple goal of keeping other people from getting their share. Squander the environment – it’s there for your use. Be as petty as turning the thermostat to the max and leaving the water running – or you can be as grandiose as spreading something incurable in the crevices of the social body.

    Do not participate in the community. Be hostile, not hospitable. Be intimidating, not intimate. Be arrogant, not affable. Don’t give a shit about anyone else – not just because you are a selfish bastard, but because strong social ties make totalitarianism all that much easier. The more the neighborhood is bonded together, the greater the tyranny.



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