Aerial view of 'kayaktivists' in kayaks, who are protesting Shell's huge Arctic drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, on 16 May 2015. Photo: N. Scott Trimble / Greenpeace USA

17 May 2015 (Grist) – An estimated 500 climate activists took to kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and even a solar-powered party barge on Saturday to tell Shell to get the hell out of Seattle. Rallying cry: #sHellNo!

The oil giant brought a huge drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, to the city’s port on Thursday, over objections from the mayor, city council, and a whole lot of pissed-off Seattleites. Shell plans to use the port as a staging ground for oil drilling operations in the Arctic over the next two years. The kayaktivists made their objections clear — and made for a pretty spectacle against the blue-gray background of Puget Sound. [more]

You have to see these pictures of Seattle’s kayaking climate protesters



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