On 16 March 2015, the city of Denver, Colorado had its earliest 80°F temperature since the climate record began in 1872. Photo: Tomas Anderson

By Chris Spears
16 March 2015

DENVER (CBS4) – The calendar might still show winter, but it felt more like early summer across Colorado on Monday.

For the second day in a row new record high temperatures were set across the region.

Denver’s high of 81°F at Denver International Airport on Mar. 16 broke the previous record of 75°F set in 2012.

It was also the earliest 80°F temperature recorded in Denver since the climate record began in 1872.

The previous earliest 80°F reading was recorded on Mar. 18, 1907, when the high was 82°F.

It was even warmer in downtown Denver where the temperature hit 83°F at nearby City Park.

Other records set on Mar. 16 include 84°F in Pueblo, 80°F in Colorado Springs, 84°F in Burlington and 83°F in Yuma.

An unofficial temperature of 90°F was reported by CBS4 Weather Watcher Dakota McGee near Wray. [more]

Denver Records Earliest 80 Degree Temperature In 143 Year Climate Record


  1. Anonymous said...

    Nobody is paying any attention. The more climate news, the less attention. The hotter it gets, the less attention. The faster the ice melts, the less attention.

    I'm finding this as strange as the weather. Thousands of anomalous events are occurring yet humankind refuses to accept the meaning.

    A global emergency needs to be declared immediately, but it isn't going to happen. It's very sad. Humankind is sleepwalking towards self-extinction in just a couple of years now.

    Hard to image we could be this dense but the evidence does support both conclusions.  

  2. R. A. Davies said...

    Near term human extinction is the destination. As I explain to my students, it will not be a guillotine event where we suddenly face annihilation. Widely geographically separated events will draw intense local attention and freak show, hey look at that attention nationally. The events will become more common and ubiquitous. News programs will note these unusual events, but the tone will be reassuring and the implication will be that this will end soon and we will return to normal after rebuilding. Then the full on emergency will be completely evident. The news will finally realize the grave nature of our situation. But, it will be too late. Food shortages. Mass unemployment. Riots. Police state. War. Internal refugees. Death. Lots of death. The news goes away. We go away. No one left to solemnly read the news.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    "Humankind is sleepwalking towards self-extinction in just a couple of years now.

    Please. This does serious global warming concern and activism a bad name. There is NOTHING related to climate that could cause humans to go extinct 'in just a couple years'.  


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